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Everything you need to know about loft extensions

(N.B Different planning authorities may differ in their interpretation of Planning Laws and this advice cannot be considered binding.)

Loft Extensions

The proposed extension or dormer window should not be raised above the highest part of the roof.

  • The slope of any part of the roof which faces a highway must not be extended.
  • The proposed extension must not be more than 40 cubic metres in volume if it is a terraced house, or more than 50 cubic metres for other houses. These measurements are included in the total amount of volume allowed for all extensions. They are not additions.
  • A loft extension must have sufficient condensation control systems put into place to prevent mould growth on walls and furnishings within the property.

Weatherproof your extension

Flat roof extensions and dormer windows must be covered with a weather resistant material like an EPDM rubber membrane. Protect your new extension with a high quality, water-tight rubber roof.

EPDM rubber – the most effective roofing material

EPDM is completely waterproof and will last for up to 50 years. It’s also maintenance-free, resistant to rot and environmentally friendly. Installation is quick, easy and totally safe.

Rubber roofing is a cost-effective solution for all types of flat roofs – click here to find out more.

Rubber roofing also looks great – no wrinkling, bubbles or decaying corners.