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"On budget (to the penny) and on time (to the preliminary completion schedule), what more can I say!"



From the very beginning, when we first met Mark Grimshaw from Loftscope, we knew we were in good hands. Out of 4 different, he was the only person who told us that we would have no problem fitting in the new staircase to the loft without having to go into our small bedroom. All the other com...

Mr & Mrs Cheung

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How We Work

No-one enjoys having dust, mess and upheaval while builders are working in your home. So we do everything we can to convert your loft without disturbing you. Some customers tell us they didn’t even know we were there!  

How do we achieve this?  

We fit a false ceiling in your existing hallway, erect scaffolding, and gain access to your loft from the outside. All the dirty work is done above the false ceiling, so you get no dust or mess in your house. The only time we break through the false ceiling, is when we are ready to put in the new staircase.

What’s more, by working from the outside, you won’t have any builders tramping through your home. You don’t even have to make them tea and sandwiches! In fact, we actively encourage you to leave them alone to get on with the job.

All our work is guaranteed for 10 years.